About Evacus™

Evacus™ Technologies, LLC is a Transition Support Services company in the area of Social Media.

Our advanced services:
  • Get people back to work faster;
  • Position client profiles on LinkedIn to be found by Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialist;
  • Provide clients an understanding of how things work on LinkedIn;
  • Decrease client stress of doing it alone.



Our Mission is to provide Social Media Support that enhances personal growth and understanding.


Our Goal is to increase client knowledge, build confidence, and position each client for success.

Reengineering Wants with Needs

Reverse engineering by definition is a process of analyzing a device, object, or system to discover how it is put together and then make a new device or program without duplicating the original.

In our case we want to understand how hiring managers search to find you and then optimize your profile to not only fit the hiring manager’s needs, but your wants as well. This process positions you to track company activity, know who the players are, and best of all, be found by those looking for your skills or services.

Professional Memberships

Evacus Technologies is MBE Certified

A Minority-owned Business Enterprise certified by the Indiana Department of Administration

Press Release: Inducted for Excellence in Social Media
With the goal of fueling economic growth and job creation, Supplier Connection allows companies to work together and connect – both large and small.
Evacus has received a Certificate of Achievement from the
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in –
  • Introduction to Incident Command System ICS-100 for Schools
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction